Monday, March 7, 2011

Macaroni Fry

So, as usual busy body was engaged in 'Mission Attack' and flying around. Shortly after achieving today's greatest critical and commercial success, that is after tearing away some bathroom tissues, he spotted the next enemy in line. He parked his flight on the dishwasher door and insanely started  attacking and destroying the enemy's weapon stockpiles(yeah, my dishes). Within no time the weapons were abolished. Considering the possibility of weapons being repaired again by the enemy, without mercy on the fallen parts, the attacker closed the door, locked it and turned on the 'Heat' mode' option! My mood was heating up along with the dishes but I tried to cool down before it overwhelmed my body! Until today, my 4 non stick serving spoons and 3 measuring cups sadly waved me a burnt goodbye!

The mac and cheese, I served him as snack after school was already cold and half dead on the table after attack. And the war almost lasted 2 hours. It was dinner time already!

If you google for a Mac and cheese recipe, you will see the O's in the gOOgle mount up. This common habitual dish has visited every household that the recipes are very less different from one another. I have done enough by jazzing it up and sneaking in veggies.
Omy's mac and cheese was ready to hit the trash. I had some breadcrumbs from previous days cutlets too ready to to buried. Coincidentally both of them found a spot near to each other and then bang! A bulb lit on top of my head! Since the mac was already cheesy and sticky I bathed them in breadcrumbs and fried them.  Munchy crunchy macaroni.

  • 1 cup elbow macaroni
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 1 tablespoon flour
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 cup cheese (cheddar)
In a large pot of salted boiling water cook the pasta and drain.
Melt butter, blend in flour, keep whisking and make sure there are no lumps.
Slowly whisk in milk, stirring constantly till the sauce turns thick and bubbly
Add cheese and stir until they melt.
Toss in the cooked elbow macaroni, blend everything well.

I make the sauce really thick so that it doesn't look watery and full of gravy.
The cheese kind of gets cold and sticks to the pasta if it stays for a while which makes it easier to fry.
I had it sitting there for almost 3 hours.
So just take one by one and bath them in breadcrumbs and fry!

Omy on the dishwasher door!

To an extent I enjoy and smile on the success of my little enemy! But, the calm smile can turn into a fierce snicker within seconds. Anyways, before I could raise my voice Omy finished his fried macaroni dinner and just fell asleep.
So, end of the day, I win the war. Calm and peace again!

Nite nite!


  1. ohh wow...I am soo impressed!...u win all the way...U got him to eat his fried macoroni and cheese that is!....what a yum write up!...Good luck for tomorrow gal!:)

    Smitha's Spicy Flavors

  2. Oh.. he is literally standing on the dishwasher door is it? Oh boy.. you were not kidding.. he is a little tsumani..
    coming to the recipe.. this is incredibly innovative :)

  3. I don't why they are attracted to dishwasher door. My little one hears even little noise of opening that door. when is omy's birthday I know his coming on May date I don't know. Fried macaroni looks delicious.

  4. Very innovative Rachu, O my, U thinks very creative to get him eat... I'll eat loads of it... By the way, he s standing on the dish washer door rt ? Don know whatz with the dish washer, even my baby is very fond of dishwasher and FRIDGE..

  5. wow tats an innovative one.. fried ones looks amazing

  6. Hey Rachu,

    The kinda dress that he's wearing makes him look like a warrior too. Nice write up. I love the part of Mommy winning!!! The post was such a thriller!


  7. Nice recipe ..looks gud .....and your son pic is so cute :)

  8. yummy delicious and very innovative :) kido s very cute :)

  9. That's a nice idea, yummy snack.

  10. Very nice idea of frying the macaroni... Your son, my God... he is of course standing on the dishwasher door... But, whatever he does, he looks very cute and adorable.. :-)

  11. That's really a nice idea...Sometimes feeding kids becomes so challenging job that we mothers have to trick them ;-) now how can someone get angry even after looking at his cute face ?? :-)

  12. yummy delicious and very innovative ...

  13. Haha, he is such a cutie...lovely recipe, must try this once.

  14. If I did not know kids I would have said you are making it up. But I like the way you finally won.
    This is a gr8 recipe. Coincidentally even I brought elbow pasta. Will make it exactly like you(very difficult to keep this promise) so I will say as close as possible!
    My 9 year old Tsunami is breaking my main door if I dont open up soon so see you.

  15. Very new to me.Must be crunchy & yumm

  16. How do you make him eat.. It is a mamoth task here.. :((((


  17. woww.. thats a great idea.. ur recip eis bookmarked.. a simple bt eye catching recipe :)

  18. This looks yummy,great idea,I am going to try this..thanks dear.

  19. reminds me of fried calamari
    hmmm yummy.
    btw where do you get these ideas :-)

  20. Thats a wonderful recipe Rachu...

  21. really noyed reading it :)

    nice twist to the classic

  22. Yummy fried snack,toddler days are so much fun, nice read.

  23. Enjoyed reading and nice innovative recipe!!

  24. your cute little is adorable...recipe sounds divine..:)
    Tasty appetite

  25. Your write ups make for a wonderful read Rachu..

    The mac fries recipe is definitely a keeper..

    US Masala

  26. Wow, that looks like a great use for leftover Mac 'n' cheese!

  27. oh, I don't know why they are attracted to dishwasher..even my 2 year old does the same..and guess what he has the same pajama set your son is wearing..hmm..enjoy reading your post every time I visit...coming about to the dish..Mac 'n' cheese fries sound interesting n yummy to me!

  28. Sounds like you are having an adventerous time with your sweetheart, thanks for all the details! And great job with the macaroni fry.

  29. Very crunchy look with your lovely sweeet kid. Looks awesome both of them.


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