Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mother's Kiss To Dislodge Objects Stuck In Kid's Nose

Here is the best tip ever to dislodge objects stuck in our baby's nose!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Asparagus soup

Asparagus soup

So here comes the ever so easy first soup from my kitchen!!!
This super perception leisured somewhere deep inside my brain since soup was never an integral item on our table spread.
When hubby fell sick, the curator in me pitched in to awaken the slumberland.

Cut and clean Asparagus 1cup
fit n' Active cream of muchroom soup - 1/2 cup
half n half  - 1/2 cup
salt -  to taste
pepper -  to taste
crushed garlic or garlic powder  - 1 tsp
oil - 1 tbsp
jeera - 1tsp

Boil 2 cups of water, and cook the asparagus until soft.
In microwave add 1/2 cup mushroon soup + 1/2 cup water and cook the soup for a minute (or as instructed on the soup box)
Heat oil in a pan and let the jeera splutter.
Add crushed garlic till the raw smell vanishes and add into the blendor.
Add cooked asparagus,half n half, cooked soup into the blendor and blend it till everything blends into a smooth light green mixture.
Check the texture, you can add/reduce half n half accordingly.

Serve it with grated parmesan and baguet!
Absolutely divine!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rediscovering myself!

The school ground roared and cheered gleefully. The 100m sprint was on with all participants placed in line. The 'House' system had made the students nothing but competitive. I remember how my House captain pushed the first member in sight to the nearest competition ground, no matter how pathetic he/she was at it! So, when time came and the last spot in line was empty, it was my turn to show up and RUN. The chubby, short, roly-poly (nicknamed 'polar bear') 10 yr old girl I was, the expectation was only a deterred and resentful wrap up since I clearly knew how it would end.  I stood there ruefully smiling at myself. P.T sir's 'go' whistle came in as the most melancholic music I had ever heard! I started off last and ran for my life, I could feel my lungs crying out and yearning for oxygen. My run became the subject of ridicule but it din't alter  my determination to cross the finish line. Needless to say, I finished last, my hard core optimism stays untouched even now.. but I never had the guts or looks to actually retaliate or at least to make those loser bullies understand the courage i took to not give up! The 5K I ran on sunday started as an act of sweet revenge after almost 20 yrs, but primarily I did it to prove and impress myself.

Until last month, I was happy and content with my routine shopping, dine outs, travel, jazzercise and potluck parties. Hubby's latest found love, the new bike and his recent participation in a bike race triggered a broad feel of enthusiasm at home. It rigorously woke me up from hibernation. Though i kept blaming him for spending a fortune on the bike, his prompt dedication moved me. And here I am actively getting involved in rock climbing, running and cycling. Though his secretive idea of getting me a cycle was put down from my side..(after all wives are meant to control the money flow), I was ready to explore the activity world in my own way.. free way :D.  I wish that spark had ignited a little earlier, but better late than never.

A friend of ours whom we knew existed only after reading his blog (whom we now call 'Dearest Indian Monkey) came in as another light of inspiration. I was partially traumatized by just reading his story. A 10 day 500 KM race across the state involving only running,walking, eating and sleeping!! His words moved me beyond inspiration.

The change I was unconsciously looking for was here. The mayors 5K challenge. A set of aspiring runners/walkers joined hands and registered to run..rather say walk! 
Thanks to my Jazzercise sessions. Its definitely a great exercise to improve your cardiovascular fitness. A bit of homework helped me learn how to breathe and keep at a constant pace while running which I think worked for me.
I did a trial run last sunday. I put on my sweat shirt, running tights, shoes and started to run. Though my aim was to run 3 miles, a .9 mile run weakened my muscles so much that my sluggish brain anticipated a 5mile run!! Quite embarassed at myself, I returned home. Same afternoon hubby dragged me out of the house to go really finish a 5K. I turned on the 'Runkeeper' App on my iphone and set off. The beautiful golden shades of yellow had painted the trail so radiantly. Nature made me at ease.. the birds chirping, water running.. and i guess there were some frogs too croaking and cheering. I ditched the stress and enjoyed the run. It took almost 44 min for 3.14mile run with avg pace of 14 minutes.

So with a mind set of 40 minute finish, we drove to the public square park on sunday. I bribed Indian monkey with some appam and chicken stew and digged out some useful tips which he would have given  me anyway!
I was decked up in my new Tek Gear running clothes, shoes and headband. Ate one banana, half apple,  lots of water and gatorade. Flushed away excess water and was ready to discover the joy of running. The 70F weather lightened up whole of downtown and was brimming with energy. Everyone crawled to the start line, blame it on the humungous crowd ..we all were packed like sardines in a can! slowly we moved along with 5000 other runners including our Mayor. My strategy was only to run at a constant pace and to not even compare myself with others. I hit the start button on 'Runkeeper', ran on to a world where I felt i belonged. My heart rate was increasing..and so was my confidence. I saw myself overtaking brisk walkers. I never felt this focused in recent years. I slowed down at a steep slope, but then my Indian monkey backed up and ran with me. I    was reliving the 100 m school sprint but this time I was winning. The comment 'Look, a basketball is rolling slowly along the track' transformed into a cheer this time. Spotting my fellow team runners in front motivated me to go ahead without stopping. I had no idea about the time or the distance covered, but honestly I didn't want it to end. The road to my destination was an inclined street again, i had to drag myself really hard at that point. As always my optimism rescued me. There I was, surprised with myself ... 36min finish time and avg pace of 11 min.
It wasn't easy,  the taste of satisfaction from accomplishing this goal for me is way more scrumptious than an ultimate delicious Italian meal.

It was a memorable experience. Nothing is gonna stop me now. With Omy and hubby to support, I have found another brighter side in me. 

I have unearthed my way to slaughter negativity and erase depression. I run because I feel rejuvenated. For every mile I run I will adorn myself in an aura of positivity. I love to bask in this shimmering peace of mind. I feel alive, That's how I want to live my life, with Zing!
Sometimes your body is smarter than you are, realize it and make your feet your friend!

If you think you can, you will..
If you think you can't, you won't..
Either way you are right! (My fav quote from Omy's fav cartoon movie - 'The little engine that could')