Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fried Oreo cookies

As long as our kids are not over eating or obese or gaining few extra pounds rapidly, they can indulge in deep fried snacks, sticky sugary syrup or chocolates occasionally. Giving a candy occasionally  as a reward is not harmful. As moms, we need to know when to say 'STOP'. That's what my doctor said! 

I was really concerned with Omy's increasing sugar intake. He could lick away a bowl of sugar in minutes or finish up a huge chocolate bar in seconds!! (OK, a little exaggeration there... I din't offer him a bowl of sugar for dinner). Honestly, I get him a pack of chocolate covered sunflower seeds or M&M's just when he starts to raise the curtain of his cranky drama sequence

Snack time is a highly anticipated part of the day for Omy. His face lights up like a rainbow and I would die to see him look so excited. Every day I spent like an hour thinking only of the snack idea for the day.
Recently in 'america's top model' show, a model from down south was frying oreo cookies for dinner!Trust me, a Model!!!

I am warning you...this awfully tempting snack initially might hide the much anticipated regret!!!! 
I know I should stop eating kids' leftover food, so I made just 3 of them. 1 is already crying out loud in my tummy! I wouldn't say its awesome nor will I recommend but its a one-time worthy snack. Deep fry makes the cookie turn into a cake like texture. The crisp pancake coating enhances the taste.

Pancake mix   1/3 cup

Oreo cookie    3

Add water and mix up to form the pancake batter.
Cover the cookies in this and deep fry them.
Pick them up as soon as the coating turns dark brown.

Omy din't actually seem to like it. He ate two of them but I din't get the 'yummy' confirmation from him. He said he did rather eat his 'Thomas toothpaste'!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Appam in 4 hours!

Today is special! I have 100 followers in my list!!! It feels like I have accomplished something great today! It would not be fair if I don't fill in a post for this most special day. Thank you my dear dedicated blog lovers! You all rock!

So appam, the one breakfast item which always runs strong as lunch, snack, dinner or at anytime in my house! The fermented rice pancake is savored with meat curry,  egg curry, stew, green peas curry or black chana dal curry. Its soft and fluffy texture wins all hearts. Its the only one dish Omy allows me to repeat every other day!

This recipe was born because of my inefficient american blender and for the easiness with which a dinner can be put together in a short notice.  Thanks to the rapid rise  YEAST! Appam and chicken stew always tops my 'Short notice comfort successful dinner party' menu! 

The blender I had could never grind coconuts properly. The first 2-3 trials were a huge disaster as I could bite into the coconuts easily! Also, waiting for the batter to ferment the whole night?what if the yeast wasn't active?

This one is with coconut milk and rapid rise yeast and it can never go wrong and its all set to go in like 4-5 hours including grinding, fermentation and making!!

I grind the batter afternoon and by dinner time fresh and hot appams vanish at the dining table in fraction of a second!

Rice                2 cups
( long grain/idli rice/basmati rice)  
cooked rice     1 cup
cocnut milk    1 cup
water             1/2 cup
Salt                1 tsp
Sugar             1 tsp
YEAST           2 tsp
(Fleishmann's Active Dry)
Milk               1/3 cup

Grind together these into fine batter.. dripping consistency. My blender takes exact 11 minutes.
Dissolve yeast in warm water along with sugar. In like 5-8 minutes, it doubles up in volume.
Combine yeast and batter and keep it for 4-5hours!

If the fermentation is not happening or if its winter, place the batter inside the oven with the oven light on! The heat inside will enhance fermentation.

Just before we make appams, check the batter consistency. The coconut milk might make it a little more thicker. Pour 1/2 cup milk and confirm the dripping consistency.
Make them in the 'appam chatty' or on a deep open pan.
Cover it up and cook for 1-2 minutes. It cooks in the steam and do not flip it over!

Omy enjoying appam and chocolates chips.. his way!