Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy birthday to Omy baby!

For every tear you shed, I have kissed you twice..
For every tantrums thrown, I have pinched you once.
With every kiss and every hug you make me fall in love..
You made me realize the value of life, smile, patience, hugs, kisses, vegetables and nursery rhymes..
Every word you speak is a melody..
Every toy you touch comes to life instantly..
I never knew how much love my heart could hold until I heard you call me Mommy.....I love you my son, HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Peanut-egg yolk balls

Winter had us all locked up in the house for long. As soon as spring knocked on our doors, we jumped out and drove to the beach. That was the first time my baby felt beach sand between his feet. His smile widened as he started to explore the humongous bath tub..He dug his feet under the sand, loved the way waves tickled him. Like a pro he ran inwards without fear. He was so ecstatic splashing at the shoreline all by himself.
Nothing fell short for the trip as I had everything planned and didn't forget a single item in the 'Florida trip list'. 

We covered him in water resistant sunscreen lotion, made him wear a hat, wore a t-shirt (long sleeve), swim diaper, stood away from sharp and pointy shells and daddy was always with him taking care in the water.
Best of all was the sunset on the beach. No scorching heat and no worries of getting tanned!!! :D I made sure Omy had the muffler on and left him in his diaper and tshirt alone.

Food part is what bothered me, I had to pack a gigantic bag of snacks for Omy. I wasn't sure what he would ask during the 10 hrs drive! I stuffed in everything, starting with his favorite cheerios to boiled eggs! 
Omy is not in love with the egg yolk. He enjoys the boiled egg  white but egg yolks are always ignored. I usually scramble and bury them inside rice. So, for the trip, I got an idea to mix up another of his fav - the peanut butter. I made a few and did a sample test the previous week and viola! that was a success, yolk was compleletly dissembled! 

2 tbsp peanut butter
1 egg yolk

mash up the egg yolk to powder form and mix in the peanut butter, keep mixing till the yolk gets completely covered with peanut butter. Make small balls with it. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Well, This time mothers day falls on my birthday!! Born to be a mother!!! sigh! (May 08)
I am so proud of it. I have enjoyed every tiny bit of motherhood.
Here is a very hard lesson well learnt in these 2 years: It doesn't take much time to transform the motherly affection soaked with hugs and kisses into a world of umbrage ensued with time outs and  punishments.

Hey, don't judge me or raise your eyebrows, that a truth. At least, moms with toddler sons will agree with me 100%. But, my point is whatever be it, however he be, mothers love is eternal, unvarying and the only honest version of devotion. Love you mom and love you Omy.

Here's wishing ancestors, great grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers, moms to be, wish to be moms a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! WE ROCK!

Omy's artwork at school.