Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Veggie/dal Roti

Dinner is served..Hot and steamy rotis and sizzling spicy hot rajma curry for hubby and myself.
Lazy mommy washed away the spicy gravy and served the little wonder boy rajma pieces and roti.

Who am I kidding? Wonder boy has sharp eyes, he can spot out even the minute differences in his and our plates. So there he comes to drown his piece of roti in the red dipping sauce. It did not take more than 10 seconds for him to cry out for joooooose (Juice).

So, the next day I turned off my favorite evening show on TV (I wouldn't miss it, I know its safe with 'On Demand'.. Wink) and geared up for some flavor filled no-dip-needed rotis.
We all love a good savory parata, and in particular the stuffed paratta.. A nice mound of flaky, crispy, chewy roti with a nice veggie/butter flavor. And that is how my carrot/mooli/dal paratta was born. I could not make the stuffed version as the mix always jumped out when i tried to spread it So, I mixed it all up with wheat flour. I still need help from fellow bloggers to learn how to roll out neat parattas.

Grated carrots, grated mooli
1 tbsp cooked and mashed moong dal,
1 tbsp cooked and mashed Rajma
1 tsp ginger-garlic paste
1/2 tsp garam masala
salt to taste,
1 tbsp oil

Saute these till the raw ginger-garlic smell fades and knead this mix with wheat flour.
Make rotis out of it and serve it with butter.

I made very little dough as it was a trial run, But glad to say Omy loved it. His taste buds enjoyed the spiciness from garam masala and veggie flavor. Next time I will try with cauliflower, potatoes or even Beans. No drama.. just flavor and fun.


  1. Nutritious roti,adorable child he seems very happy.

  2. OOh he is adorable... love the way he is enjoying his roti... he is a very good boy i must say :)
    and i am totally with u while making parathas... i need help too.. that is y there are no parathas in my blog :P
    coming to ur parathas.. they looks and sound so yummy :) i can hardly resist :)

  3. That was a tasty looking paratha and devoured by a handsome cuto.

  4. ahah--such healthy parathas and made very lovingly 1 tht's a deadly combo !and yes with no dips this is just perfect

  5. Nice clicks ...looks super delicious ..ur prince is sooooooooo cute...

  6. Tasty and healthy parathas,he is so adorable..hugs

  7. Rachu,

    I the wonder boy with paratha in his hand. Hey I too used to have trouble with the stuffing oozing out from all ends while rolling out parathas. I now have learnt to roll well. Will soon try to post with step by step recipes. For that will have to pester hubby to stand by my side while making parathas.

  8. delicious healthy roti
    cute little one

  9. Delicious partha with all the fillings. cute guy.

  10. Surely delicious! A healthy treat for the handsome young man :)

    US Masala

  11. Hi Rachu...
    I love this paratas :) Yummy and gonna try this..

  12. Thanks Rachu...

    Your wonder boy is very your blog title..
    Happy to find another beautiful blog...

  13. Hi Rachu...I love ur clicks..splly with ur kiddo...:) Its very nice to see such rare pics....

    if ur boy is eating it so temptingly,,..I am sure its very delicious...

    Hey there are 2 awards waiting for u in my blog dear...please collect it :)

  14. Thank you guys, Seema - please please post the step by step recipe for stuffed parathas..

  15. Healthy & delicious paratha..great way to feed veggies to kids..ur son is so cute..:)

  16. wow.. nice healthy parathas... your son is sooo cute!... like the write up that lead to the parathas :)

  17. I could c how happy is ur baby ..Sure he likes it..Thatz a rocking combo Rachu

  18. You have a very adorable kid. I like the way he is enjoying his parathas. I have made mooli parathas but never this combo. Will try soon as my kids are paratha fans.

    Thanks for visiting my place and your lovely comments.
    Its a pleasure following you.


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