Thursday, June 30, 2011

Spinach Rice Casserole

Lately we had been enjoying more vacations than working days put together! 
Ultimate enjoyment too comes with a price..Tanned hands and legs, weight gain and laziness!!!! After effects are affecting me so bad. Did I let sloth win over me or has my body completely reconciled with stress or is my overactive Omy boy not a subject of concern anymore... Is he starting to join hands with peace??Eh?
Only thing I force myself to do now is cook! Only because I HAVE to! I admit it.. what a lazy mortal am I?

I find 'one pot meals' the most trustworthy among the dishes!
Its easy, simple,  involves very less execution time and they come with a minimun 90% 'yummy' guarantee. When Rajani of MyKitchenTrials came up spinach casserole, I knew that was gonna be my dinner the same day. 

Well, I did tweak the recipe, rather say indianised it!
Daddy and baby found themselves digging the baking dish for more!

Spinach                    - 200 grams (I used Green giants frozen spinach)
Oil                            - 1 tbsp
Onion                       - 1 thinly sliced
Mustard seeds          - 1/2 tsp
Urad dal                   - 1/2 tsp
Curry leaves             - 1 stick
Chilli powder           - 1 tbsp
Cooked Rice             - 2 cups
All purpose flour       - 1 tbsp
Milk                          - 1 cup
Bread crumbs            - 1 cup
Mozzarella cheese     - 1 cup
Salt, Pepper               -  to taste

  1. Preheat the oven to 350F. Grease a rectangular baking dish.
  2. In a pan, combine the butter, flour and milk. Heat, stirring continuously to get a smooth, lump free sauce. Dilute with water or stock, if the sauce is too thick. 
  3. In a pan, heat the oil, splutter mustard seeds and add the urad dal and fry for a few seconds. To this, add the onions, curry leaves and saute. Once onions are translucent add the chilli powder, salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Microwave the frozen spinach for a minute and add the spinach. 
  5. Once the spinach has wilted and everything mixed up, add rice and the milk sauce to it.Mix everything till combined.
  6. Transfer to the baking dish, press lightly. Spread cheese evenly on top, then spread the bread crumbs all over it.
  7. Bake for 15 – 20 minutes till the top turns brown.

That's my baby enjoying the sun, food & stroller in NY


  1. This sounds very interesting. I have a pack of frozen spinach, planned for tomorrow. May be I'll try this one!! :-)

  2. Delicious recipe dear...beautiful clicks too...

  3. Wow, this looks incredible.....wonderful clicks..

  4. Delicious rice recipe and your child looks so adorable.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  5. Deliciously done casserole... Loved the even browning on the top...

  6. Wat a fabulous casserole, wonderful way to sneak spinach..

  7. Looks delicious and yummy..Lovely recipe:)

  8. nice recipe...sounds yumm...ur son looks cute

  9. Looks delicious .. ur kid is adorable :)

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  10. Sounds interesting and delicious.. thanks for the lovely recipe :)
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  11. Just what I need a stressless dish for sunday. Love it

  12. sounds interesting dear....
    looks delicious :)

  13. wow nce idea the flavours u have added...monu is tall and handsome

  14. I too am a big fan of one pot meals,will try this soon and let you know.

  15. Wow! Thanks. Your photos look wonderful :). Hope you enjoyed the dish!

  16. Wow!!! Rachu, looks so yummy with all the cheese. Cutie pie Omy has become tall and enjoying his day out.

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  18. Wow.. this is really a tasty and healthy dish :)

  19. its new to me.. pic is really gr8 as usual.. mon valuthaayallo.. i still remember one snap in which he s trying to take something from refrigerator. :)

  20. it looks really wonderful,
    your son is chooo chweet, loveing your blog.....
    this blog would be a big treat for himself when he grew up he doesn't need any album to view his pics, this blog is enough.
    I'm loving your blog & I'm happy to follow you.
    Happy Blogging!!!!
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  21. Love your son.. He is such a cutie pie.. and thats a cool new recipe.. I will surely check that out :D

  22. Delicious recipe and your son looks cute.

  23. Hey, this is excellent work you have here.Good going. And monu has grown so big, think the last pic I saw of him was when I visited Vini in Chennai.
    Thanks for the comment. I believe we all are little creative inside and we just have to work with it to bring it out. You are creative yourself, amazing recipies and theme. Not every mom does these kind of this with a 1 year old. Keep it up :)

  24. Thats a beautiful casserole.. and ur little one is so adorable..

  25. ur kido is adorable kto!!!
    love anything with rice...yumm!!

  26. Hey Rachu,

    Came Blog Hopping, and then read your profile, you so rightly said about the expression on a baby's face ...that's sure is priceless.....and that statement of yours makes me hook to your blog...have started following you to be updated with your new receipes :)

  27. Hey I just realized , I am your 100th Follower...Great ! Congratulations!!

  28. Wonderful stuff. Very beautiful.


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