Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Baby Safety Latches

Every baby becomes a 'Curious George' once they start crawling. Many of you would have already thrown away stuff babies put in the toilet. Picked up tomatoes from floor which your baby threw thinking its the red ball. Now,  trust me you will laugh at seeing them being depressed looking at the never opening cabinets, fridge or toilets!

I had researched a lot and finally found the 'Multi purpose latches' were the best.
I figured that Walmart had these for the cheapest rates. It comes in a small box with 2 of them inside.
You can find it in the baby section. Easy as it looks, it has 2 parts, one the buckle and other the holder. Just remove the adhesive from behind and stick it! thats it.


For the first time, i laughed at seeing him yell at the cabinet. He tried an hour trying to break the buckle.  

Another  efficient one is the '14 pack Cabinet and Drawer Latches'. But you need to drill the screws on both the sides of the cabinet. So that decision is upto you. The pack comes with screws and 14 sets of latches. When you need to open you press down the long nob off from the hook.

The most important one is to cover the Plug points.

This fits in so tight that baby doesn't stand a  chance to dig it  out.

Baby Safety Child locks


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