Friday, December 17, 2010


IT WAS AROUND 9.00 am ON NOV 10TH ,2008.
I sat on the chair in the waiting room totally confused regarding my pregnancy. My mom, my mother in law and friends kept asking me about my morning sickness.
Fortunately i had nothing of that sort except for brocolli's and cabbage's smell. I was a bit cranky myself worrying abt my baby since i never felt i was  pregnant d and never felt tired as my recent friends turned moms indicated.

With around hundred questions in mind my husband and myself walked inside when the nurse called my name. She took my urine sample and checked my weight.Yipee, i had increased 2 pounds by the third month which she said was perfect!

i was nervous about loosing weight and had dropped out completely on my vegetables and fruits.
I wanted to blame my weighing machine at home as it cheated on me showing 134, which was 2 pounds lesser than what i was. For my satisfaction i double checked my weight removing my shoes!! :D bt yes 138!! i did gain some.

So, without knowing wht the doc was upto today, i walked in.
The nurse put me down when she explained i had to go 2 more days to complete 3 mnths and so
she wouldnt do any scan or test. So, without any hope of scanning, we sat there waiting for my doc.

My doc, Miss Jabusch walked in with a smile saying my blood results were prefectly normal.
She had a small little thing in her hands and asked me to lift my top so that she could get a clear view of my tummy. My heartbeat raised too high when she said "lets listen to the heartbeat".
. i dint know i ws going to listen to my baby.
Doc asked us to concentrate on a 'moving train' like sound.
Within 5 seconds she located my baby and there it was, my babys heartbeat.
The most beautiful and melodious music i ever heard in my life.
Tears rolled into my eyes. Alas, i heard the train. That moving train raised gears and was passing the station of happiness and sentimence. A train filled with joy,love,peace,solace and more as passengers was going smooth on my life track.
My doc creamed my cake saying "its perfect".
I was all set to believe that i was normal and havign a healthy baby inside me.
ohh god! i couldnt belive i ws having a living human inside me... my baby!!
Now i understand a mothers feeling truly.
And i agree - "There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it."


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  2. Ahangarathinu kayum kaalum vechapolundu...

  3. Hey Anonymous!!
    I would appreciate such stinky comments from those who have the nerve to at least reveal their identity!!!


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