Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mom,wife,Marriage..Life in Rewind

Today my son completes 1 year and 7 months and i just passed the first grade along with the practical exam on the subject - Baby till toddler from the Motherhood University.
I know the road until the graduation is not anyway near.
He lay his hands on the dinner spread and tastes everything that we eat. Today i feel i am a successful mother, i did carve a niche in this profession.well just a beginning. That was not a cake walk.. it was a fire walk.
My son was done with his decision of not eating or dieting or whatever they call it in baby language. One fine day he changed his mind.  Slowly the baby theory is now registered. My son eats every 3-4 hours now. The baby theory 'No baby stays hungry. They eat only when they want to' is now registered in one the compartments in my brain. If he is hungry he will come up to his highchair and tap it, if not he will just show no interest in the food.
When i look back, this rollercoaster ride from being a new mom until this day was horrifying. Its no more a rollercoaster but kind of a classroom now where i am a student and my son my teacher.

Story goes back to my sons first bday. I guess it was his birthday resolution to not eat. Well that i must say roped the part called frustration to my chores kitty! Long feeding sessions in the patio, in the grass in the sun, kitchen counter throw away plates games, watching 'Evian baby' commercial ..all failed to gain his attention. Food was being wasted. Every day i get up thinking just one thing. 'What should i feed him today'. Luckily my hubby never complained of not getting his breakfast some days. I started unknowingly ignoring him, the love of my life, my son's father... my son was like this core of the earth.. pulling me towards him with all his gravitational force. My only center of attraction. Well, googling and suggestions from mom and friends did help a little.
But for me the baby theory never registered in my brain or may i dint want to believe in it. There were days he survived only with breast milk. Hardly 10 oz a day. And the fear of baby not getting much of needed vitamins and proteins haunted me. All play and no food wasn't working for me. But the 'muah's i got from him at night washed away the tensions for the day, but again it all did come back by morning.

Six months went by, my experiments with baby food, baby items.. spoon, cups, sippy cups all failed. I awarded myself as the 'Best Frustrated Wicked Mom' award. Now that i was the villain why not make it worse by stopping breast milk? One fine week went by without milk..I had to wear a sweater and block my breasts from him. It worked anyway.

And 6 months before first birthday.. life had taken a 360 degree turn... on that turn everything fell apart. The routine, the feeding, the sleep, the food. 6 months went a little too fast only to realize that along with mom and mom in law, help too took a ride with them back to India.
The kitchen chores, baby chores and husband chores! I remember staring at myself in shock at the mirror section in Walmart. Why did i stare?

A. I was in my bathroom shoes.
B. The lipstick had run into the cracks and gone outside my lips.
C. messy, curly and frizzy hair
D. Rogue facial hairs
E. All of the above!
The answer was E.

Gone were the days when i did everything possible to achieve that perfect look. I took care of several elements that needed to be just right. Hair, makeup, clothes. It all had to match, and fit my personality.
Again the cycle became wider after i introduced solid food for my son. The number of baths increased, my carpets, my tshirts were ruined. But the mess was worth. The satisfaction a mom gets after confirming baby is full and content.. priceless!

Time take its ride on double fast jets.We had thought about baby after 3 years of marriage. And then that sweet little thing happened without any delay. Pregnancy period for me was smooth as silk. But, I am one of those lucky/unlucky ones who can say 'My baby refused to come out even after the due date!!' He kept us waiting for 3 more days and finally the star arrived. All those baby's first moments are beautiful. Isn't it? I feel there is nothing as beautiful as seeing your baby accomplishing their month to month milestones.  

This story began the day i got married to a H1 IT professional. Life just could not get any better. I felt like the princess in wonderland. Being far from home never gave even a sad poke to life. I started my experiments with vegetables and meat, learned to make bed, clean up the house and wait eagerly for darling hubby to get back from work. Was it honey or diamonds rolling over those seconds.. it was magical.
Fashion keeps changing every day.. so does our days.
That H4 life dint seem to go well for long. I remember the times my head was overflowing with jealousy. I hated my friends who dressed up in their professional suits. I hated the guys with Mercedes. There were even times when with an average H1 salary we had to cut down on dining out!! Girls never stop cribbing. would they?
I buried the tasteless H4 memories the day i held H1 in my hands, the happy rain poured down and project Happiness kicked off. Things became very normal. The breath you take after seeing the first dollar paycheck.. aahh awesome. 

Today my life just flashed before my eyes and it was beautiful and worth watching. It still is beautiful. To be able to look back upon one’s past life with satisfaction is to live twice. :D


  1. i liked the title. you can now go on for serious blogging...

  2. I jst gone thru ur blog...
    Hey can i ask u one question?...
    I m new in how we will come to kno abt the announcemnt of H1 visa n there any community or forum like tht?...n in which firm u wr working for?...can we work from home ?...if u kno any of these plz rply bak...

  3. seems like you are the only one in this world..

  4. Hey Anonymous!!
    I would appreciate such stinky comments from those who have the nerve to at least reveal their identity!!!

  5. who ever reading this can feel the way I did.. This is just gossip.. for Americans 911 is nothing..
    there are couple of proverb in malayalam suits here.. hope you can understand malayalam..

    1. "Eli punnellu kandapole"
    2. alpanu aishwryam varoulbol ardharathi kudapidikkum..

    I don't have a problem revealing my identity. You don't know me or I don't know u..

  6. Revathy(as your created this id yesterday)!!! I am sorry dear, I am not able to relate to your comments. My thought process is way different from yours. Feel free to stop coming back here if you feel the same.


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