Monday, January 10, 2011

Breastfeed your Baby

Its not the conception, pregnancy, morning sickness, labor pain or delivery of the baby, the divine expression of motherhood is providing the purest nutrients produced in mothers body to her baby. There are so many organic  and non organic chemical baby food and what not being discovered everyday. But, for me to be called a complete mother, she should feed the most ideal baby food.. breast milk.

Its totally our choice to feed our baby the god given purest form of food or the machine made form of formula which comes with an expiry date.  I breastfed my baby for 1 year and 6 months. He dint wean himself. It was a tough task for me to stop. But, I stand proud to declare i have taught my son's immune system to defend from diseases.

I used to  put him at my breast when he was hungry, when he was cranky, when he was sleepy, on long air flights, when he was sick, on long car drives, when he was getting his first tooth, when he was upset, throughout the night… actually whenever i thought he was hungry.. a much better phrase would be 'On Demand'. Yeah i know i overdid it at some point. I have lost a good amount of time at parties sitting on a corner with towels hanging from one shoulder covering my boobs and feeding baby. I have lost fair share of shopping time at the mall, half time feeding. All this to make sure my baby was content and full. There was no routine, no timing, no intervals. It was all controlled by my baby. Whenever and wherever. Shame was no longer in my dictionary. There were days i forgot to get the baby blanket and would just open and feed in public, thinking of which now is embarrassing. But hey all babies need to eat when they're hungry and thanks to the state law. Its legal!!!! I wouldn't complain as breastfeeding has saved me. When other babies cried their heart out on long flights, my son winked at me with his favorite toy in his mouth.. It made him calm… No tantrums and no crying. No waste of time making them wear bibs and feeding bottled purees. It was my trump card. It has even cured his itchy eyes and rashes.

Well on the other side,it did put a little more stress on me because of the necessity for more frequent feedings. Once they get a hang of it, babies are not ready to let it go. Having your shirt drenched from gushing milk when your baby is already a year old is more than a little annoying. It did take almost all 24 hours of a day from me.  I dint have enough time to do anything else. But i accept my mistake, i should have kept a routine.

Nothing so clean and simple has been ever  produced in this world or will never ever be created.  You get the added advantage of emotional benefits from breastfeeding because of the close interaction with the baby and from the satisfaction of helping to nourish babies. There is no tension left thinking about baby getting the right portion of nutrients he needs to grow. Best part- No periods. I dint get it for full 1 year and 6 months. It also did save huge money by not buying formula, bottles, and other baby food.  It is inexpensive,  readily available at any hour of the day or night and babies accept the taste readily. If you have it, give it.

I feel really lucky that I was able to stay at home and care for my baby full time the way I did.With both parents working, mothers will not have the luxury and the formula overrides. And if you have any health conditions or you taking any medications then probably you will have to talk yo your doc.

 Its not about money,time or stress to me, as i said its a divine expression of motherhood, an art of being a woman. Enjoy it and be a proud mother.


  1. couldn't agree more..a very well written post and your little one's smile is precious :)

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  2. thanks for visiting my have a lovely baby..enjoy every moment in life with your baby before they grow up : )


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  3. Wow, Amazing blog. Love ur baby's smile.. I also hv a boy who just turned one...
    Thanking for taking a look @ my blog...And ofcourse we share the same template..:)

  4. nice read....i agree that the emotional bond and content is more important than the little worries associated with feeding....

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  5. Loved ur tips in the entire blog... bet they will be useful for me in the future :)
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and ur encouragement :)

  6. Loved the blog Rashmy!!its sooo inspiring....keep posting.....luv 2 read it!

  7. super lady, u did it a super friend u r giving surprices again and again...2011 started with u r super singing performance...And now with this super blog!!!wow...i am quite impressed.proud of U dear.keep doing DINGDONG!!!!- Resmi

  8. lovely post and I can relate to what you have said without an ounce of doubt..Your baby is an absolute delight to look at...God bless...keep posting...

  9. OMG....You wrote what exactly iam doing right now...he is 11 months old and I totally agree to u dear....


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