Monday, January 10, 2011

Diaper Rash

When my beautiful baby was born, the first thing i noticed was his skin. It was perfect in every way. Soft and smooth as silk.  Supple and velvety.
I remember during the 5th month, i was dismayed when he woke up one day and his bottom was red and irritated. Even after taking utmost care, the villain struck… -Diaper Rash!
Every time after poopy , we are taught to clean up their cute butt and the diaper area with warm water, gently pat away the water, time a little 'air dry' slot, change diapers every 2 hours. No matter how careful or diligent a parent is, there is no avoiding an incident or two of baby developing diaper rash.
Baby's ultra sensitive thin delicate skin makes them so susceptible to this common problem.
Anyways,  the puzzle was solved - Zinc Oxide, in its purest form, works best. The most common diaper rash cream used is Desitin, i guess.  From 5th month till now wherever there is a red spot we apply a little zinc oxide, and it works wonders.

We all know of the normal healthy diaper practices:
1. Change the baby's diaper frequently and immediately after baby poops
2. Try to wash the diaper area with warm water rather than using wipes.
3. Let the cute baby butt dry before you put on any medicine
4. Apply Desitin or the one with more of zinc oxide  on the rash area frequently.
5. If using wipes, then try the ones without alcohol.
And of course if there are any signs of infection like big red round spots or  odor from the skin, see your doctor right away.


  1. its so horrible to see those sure your tips will come in handy for quite a few folks..

    US Masala

  2. Your blog is very informative & useful for me. Being in 3rd trimester, I can go through all your post for reference & tips...& thanks stopping by and pleasure to follow you..

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  4. Another option is castor oil. You get this in any pharmacy in the laxative section. Warm this for 10 sec in the microwave and apply it. It works like magic. I have used it on both my daughters and it has worked great.


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