Sunday, January 2, 2011

No Child Born With HIV

Yesterday while enjoying a typical movie + carry out dinner, an Ad which was constantly being shown every 10 min in between the movie started to bother me.
The Qdoba Fajitha Burrito was making me thirsty or was it due to the wide open truth in the ad. It's just in front of us but, our brains play safe to ignore it. Ad was about HIV promoting ONE.ORG, No Child Born With HIV.

The movie was pretty interesting, one after a long while which i seriously sat down to watch.. But, this HIV thingy started to shadow out Clint Eastwood.
It was all about how to stop the HIV virus from passing from a mother to her child and to prevent any baby from being born with HIV.

A world where no mom can afford her kid to even have a mild fever has no idea what future holds in its store.
AIDS can be transmitted from an infected mother to her newborn child. Up to 30% of babies of infected mothers get HIV. 5% to 20% more can be infected through breastfeeding.
If you have HIV and you are pregnant, or if you want to become pregnant, talk with your health care provider about your options for taking care of yourself and reducing the risk of HIV infection or birth defects for your new child.

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  1. It will be totally awesome if the world can get there by 2015..

    US Masala


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