Monday, January 17, 2011

Kids Meal at a Burger joint

Every time I fall into this marketing void and indulge in one of these so shown juicy burgers. More often it turns out to be some shrunken, flat, half cold pathetic looking thing with a wilting piece of lettuce stuck on top.
It looks absolutely nothing like the picture the advertising guys used.  As much as i love burgers , very often have i had my taste buds enjoy an insanely delicious burger.(like the Outback Bloomin burger)
So when i am never happy with these from major burger joints, how would i even think of getting one for my son?

One morning when we were far away from home , time was tight and my baby was crying out of hunger, I had no other choice but to rush in to the restaurant at first sight - Burger King to grab a kids meal!
For the first time in my life, I took a glance at the kids menu and found it confusing. I dint go by the cheese burger which the waitress suggested but with chicken nuggets and fries. My chain of thoughts was triggered after i saw my son gobble up the nuggets..
What do we compromise when it comes to outside food. Health or Hunger?

It dint take much long for me to pick the right 'H' word.
Just yesterday i came across the same situation and found my son having a hearty meal.. The Mc Donalds Fruit & Maple Oatmeal.. not the kids meal.
A real yummy ,content, healthy and filling meal for kids and adults.. I hope they add this to kids menu very soon.

One thing is for sure while traveling, the McDonalds Oatmeal! Lets not choose between health or hunger! There are a lot of healthy food options which can put an end to hunger. Here are just a few.. I am  on the look out for more...

WENDYS  Nestle's low fat milk
                   Juicy mandarin oranges.
                   Milk or apple juice and small World Famous Fries or Apple Dippers.
                   Fresh Apple Fries (Not fried but fresh cut apples)


  1. That's a very good suggestion, I strongly discourage eating fast (read :junk) food..Something to definitely keep in mind for our fast paced lives these days..
    Your baby is cute as a button :)

    US Masala

  2. Nice informative post..I too strongly discourage junk fast food especially for my kid..your suggestions sounds great.


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